Thera-me: The Service Equation

I’ve a lot to be grateful for….. but am I doing enough in return? For our clients, for my family, for the people around me.

Surely some have done much more than I.

At a Veterans Cemetery recently with John, who is himself a Vet, we noticed this, over an entrance gate: “All gave Some, Some gave All.” Everyone’s act of service was significant, and some paid the ultimate price for me to say what I think, live and love who I want, and to live in security and comfort and even sit and write this piece today.

I think about the small acts of kindness that others have shown to me… examples of humility and grace mixed up in my everyday craziness of kids, work and home….I think, what is my part in creating someone else’s gratitude?  I certainly haven’t given all…

In the end, gratitude is not a one-way street, I (we) need people who perform acts of kindness or service to evoke the feeling.  So, I think, how do I contribute?  How can I be of service?  How do I practice this?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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