Thera-me: Going beyond… self care

A particular buzz word has been filling my feed lately… Self Care.

The term itself seems to have many definitions, but in general, it means giving to or caring for one’s self. At the Strive Centers we stress both sides of the term: how a self-caring and empowered person makes for a more empathic one. We talk about “applying your oxygen mask first prior to assisting another.” I believe this.

Still, secretly, I wonder. As a therapist, a yogi, a mom, a woman, a partner…. I think about all of the “anothers” in my own life and also question this… perhaps I am able to hold my breath a bit longer and just help one more before I address my own need?

So my thought is rather than look at how I care for myself, I am trying to see myself as having value and adding value to my life and to all the “anothers.” What are my values and what do I value in my life…simply asking myself these questions seems a pertinent start…


Thera-me is a series of blog posts by Strive clinicians, reflecting their thoughts and experiences as they work to create the most effective substance use care possible.  The author today, Deborah McKinley, is Strive/VFR Vice President of Program Development.

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