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The Strive Difference

Our Outpatient Program: Recovery in the RealWorld

Our outpatient recovery program allows clients to maintain their daily life in their home and in the real world. We know that the true challenges to living a healthy life exist in the everyday experience. That is why we help our clients learn the critical skills that empower them to heal and recover while sustaining and growing their everyday life connections. This is the essence of our program RealWorld Recovery.

Strive Trauma-Informed Care

From research, we know there is more to addiction than... addiction. The anger, sadness, confusion and self-destruction all have underlying causes. We care about and need to know what you have experienced in order to get to the root of those causes. Then, working together, we can shape the program that is best for your recovery. This compassionate and collaborative approach is known as trauma-informed care.

Unique Setting

The Strive Centers have been created to provide comfortable, safe, and welcoming spaces for our clients. Strive Centers are designed with the specific needs of our clients in mind, including amenities not often provided in the typical treatment facility. With a focus on a community experience, we believe people will find they may even want to spend additional time at the Centers. That is our intention. We want people to know they always have a restorative, safe place to be.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff is trained by the most prominent experts in trauma-related and addiction recovery treatment. Our clinicians are committed to constantly seeking the most advanced approaches in treatment to help individuals achieve success in recovery – not just within the treatment program, but within their everyday lives.

Partners in Care

Each client shapes the experience of their own care, actively defining their own recovery experience. But this is not done alone - we are partners, and we will create the path of healing together. It is our job to know what you need to achieve a healthy life, and it is your job to let us know where you are on the journey so we can always be there for you.

Your plan, your journey

So join us on the Strive Care journey. Recover while learning to manage the stresses of your everyday life. Shape your own recovery experience while partnered with experts and mentors who will guide you. Heal in a setting that nurtures and restores you.Recover in the real world. Grow in your community. Recover... your life.

Your Customized Plan

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Your Input

There is, as Strive clinicians often say, only one you. Every person's story is uniquely their own, as every person's experience of addiction is uniquely their own. In the Strive community the person in treatment shapes their own program in many ways.

Our Care

Strive care is trauma-informed care, or to say it another way, person-centered care. It aims not just to address your symptoms but to treat the deeper roots of why you are addicted. Only when we understand these roots can we teach you how to overcome them and create a satisfying and healthful life.

Your Mentor

Every person in Strive treatment teams up with someone who has successfully achieved recovery. Your mentor is there to help, as a peer. They're there for you along each step of the program, suggesting ways to get the most from Strive, helping you manage and understand each step toward a lasting recovery. They're on your team and committed to helping you, even with the most personal obstacles you face.

Your Inner Circle

Your Inner Circle is the group of people who are truly there for you. They might be friends or besties, parents, relatives, clergy, or people you meet through an introduction from your mentor or other Strive staff. Our doors are open to your Inner Circle, and, in fact, they are free to attend our unique Care-for-the-Caretakers sessions.

Your Community

Getting sober means getting a new life, often with new challenges, but your community is filled with people who want to help you not only get there, but to stay there too. The recovered community, potential employers or skills trainers, healthy living organizations, mindfulness and meditation practices and many more resources are available as partners through Strive.

Recovery Resources

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