Structured Intensive Outpatient Program

When most people think of recovery, they picture a residential program where clients live on-site in a highly-structured environment. While residential treatment is the cornerstone of many recovery programs, this approach doesn’t always meet the dynamic and changing needs of clients with busy schedules or prior obligations. It isn’t always possible to drop everything to go to rehab, and this concern keeps many from getting the help they need despite a strong desire to achieve lasting sobriety. For these clients, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) may be a better fit that can provide a convenient solution for addressing substance abuse issues without sacrificing career, familial or personal responsibilities.

At Strive, we offer a Structured Intensive Outpatient Program as an effective alternative to residential treatment, or as a transitional option for those who are moving out of a higher level of care. Our Structured Intensive Outpatient Program utilizes an array of highly-structured individual and group counseling sessions to provide clients with the education, support, structure and therapy they’ll need to achieve lasting recovery and address common issues in early sobriety. From relapse prevention to healthy coping and drug refusal skills, our effective program will help clients explore their deep-seated issues and build a strong foundation for sustained abstinence so they can live healthy, self-directed lives free from drugs or alcohol.

Who is a Good Candidate for Strive’s Structured IOP?

Our Structured Intensive Outpatient Program is designed for individuals who do not require 24-hour care, yet would benefit from more structure than is available in traditional outpatient treatment. It is also recommended for those who are transitioning out of inpatient care but want ongoing support and guidance as they return home to stay on track in their recovery. IOP may be ideal for other clients as well, including those who:

  • Are unable to commit to full-time residential care
  • Want to regain a foothold in recovery after a relapse
  • Don’t need or have already finished detox
  • Have recently completed a residential program
  • Don’t meet the diagnostic requirement for inpatient treatment
  • Are highly motivated and committed to their recovery

Our program provides a flexible solution that is ideal for a wide range of clients, allowing them to receive high-quality addiction treatment while continuing to live at home. With IOP care, clients can maintain their daily lives and remain employed, attend school, care for their families or manage other responsibilities. Clients will also become part of a dynamic, recovery-oriented community that provides support and guidance when they need it most. As clients receive treatment services in a supportive outpatient environment while experiencing the stresses, pressures and situations of everyday life, they’ll have the opportunity to apply the principles learned in rehab to real-world situations and build the resilience they’ll need to achieve lasting sobriety.

Recovery in the Real World

Our program is specifically designed to help you learn how to apply what you have learned in recovery to the real world, preparing you for the realities and potential relapse triggers you can expect in life outside of treatment. You will examine real scenarios that you and other clients may face in your daily lives and practice what you’ve learned, so you’re well-equipped to maintain your sobriety long after rehab. Our programs also incorporate different peer-oriented aspects of treatment to educate you on the valuable support services available and help you build strong ties to the community to enhance your recovery.

How is Strive’s IOP Structured?

Strive’s trauma-informed clinical programs are designed to be flexible in terms of intensity, frequency, focus and progression to ensure that each client can heal in their own way. Programming is offered three to five times per week on days, nights and weekends to accommodate busy schedules and includes effective, evidenced-based therapies that provide a clear path to recovery. With personalized treatment plans that ensure each client receives the services, recovery support and prevention techniques right for them, we go above and beyond to deliver an optimal therapeutic experience. Highlights of our Structured Outpatient Program include:

  • Flexible programming and hours
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Motivational enhancement
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • 12-Step methodology
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Relapse prevention, coping skills, and drug refusal skills training
  • Recovery and life skills education (i.e., financial literacy, job security)
  • Nutritional support
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Addiction & co-occurring disorders education

Our approach is comprehensive and considers not only the severity of your addiction, mental and physical health, current symptoms and more, but also integrates your preferences, strengths and values to ensure that the treatment you receive is both effective and efficient. To provide a high level of care at each treatment stage, our Structured Intensive Outpatient Program is broken down into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Phase 2: Relapse Prevention Program (RPP)
  • Phase 3: Ongoing Recovery Support (ORS)

Phase 1: Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Strive’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is the most comprehensive and demanding outpatient phase where clients are provided with the education, support, structure and therapy they’ll need to address the critical issues that arise in early recovery and achieve sustained abstinence. Clients work to restore their physical and mental health while learning about the nature of addiction and how it affects their mind and body, relationships with others and personal growth. They will also establish stable patterns of behavior and develop sober coping and drug refusal skills, so they are able to handle difficult situations outside of treatment. To promote lasting recovery, sessions will also address the challenges of early sobriety, relapse prevention, life skills training, motivational enhancement and other individual or group therapy modules depending on individual treatment plans.

Phase 2: Relapse Prevention Program (RPP)

Strive’s Relapse Prevention Program (RPP) is the next level in our continuum of care, serving as a step-down phase as clients prepare to transition out of IOP after successfully completing their individualized treatment goals. If clinically appropriate, clients may also be directly admitted to RPP, depending on their particular needs. During the RPP phase of treatment, clients solidify their abstinence goals by refining their relapse prevention skills, improving emotional and interpersonal functioning, establishing strong connections with the community and support groups, and pursuing healthy, sober activities. As clients continue to deal with ongoing issues in early sobriety, including personal problems and stresses, they will work with their recovery team to overcome these obstacles in a sustainable way.

Phase 3: Ongoing Recovery Support

Clients may transition into Strive’s Ongoing Recovery Support (ORS) program as they pursue the next phase of treatment after successfully completing their individualized recovery goals in previous levels of care, or if clinically appropriate upon admission. In ORS, the client completes a goal identification outline to help them take an inventory of where they’re at in their recovery, how far they’ve come and what they need to accomplish prior to completing treatment. We assist clients in overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors, learning how to move forward, and understanding how the impact of unresolved trauma can affect their recovery efforts. Clients continue to work on these areas and incorporate the skills and coping mechanisms they learned throughout the treatment process into their daily routine. As clients realize their goals at Strive and prepare to transition back to independent living, they are again assessed for ongoing treatment needs to ensure lasting recovery long after rehab.

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