Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly can I get an appointment?

Appointments are available immediately, at any time. Please don’t hesitate to call your local Strive Center or contact us online here.

What is it going to cost?

Strive Health seeks to provide the highest quality care at the possible lowest cost. We seek to provide the highest quality care at the possible lowest cost. Care is individualized so costs may vary. Our outpatient model limits the high costs of repeated residential stays and the travel and fragmented care associated with them. We offer a wide array of in-network insurance contracts and other flexible plans so that payment for services is never a barrier to attaining them. We will put everything in writing for your review and answer all your questions.

What support is available for families?

Support for families is a basic and driving principle of the recovery process at Strive. These sessions provide the opportunity for everyone to learn about the recovery process and provide a platform where people can openly address their concerns under supervision of a Strive counselor. Family counseling provides the people who support you with the skills to assist your long-term recovery. Our family sessions are uniquely tailored to meet your and your family’s specific needs.

Is medication available to help allay my cravings?

Physical cravings can be alleviated in multiple ways. Strive Health works with you and experts in the medical, behavioral and holistic fields to determine what combination of these types of interventions will best meet your individual needs.

Am I required to attend AA?

No. At Strive Health we encourage any and all community support that you may find helpful during your recovery period. However, attendance at any specific program is not required. Our experience shows that participation in programs like AA, NA Smart Recovery, and Al-Anon result in better outcomes for patients and families.

What is 'Recovery in the Real World?'

Our outpatient recovery program allows clients to maintain their daily life in their home and in the real world. We know that the true challenges to living a healthy life exist in the everyday experience. That is why we help our clients learn the critical skills that empower them to heal and recover while sustaining and growing their everyday life connections. This is the essence of our program RealWorld Recovery.