Frequently Asked Questions

Are you inpatient or outpatient?

All Strive Health facilities and our partner facilities operate in your community and take pride in providing high quality, effective, and affordable care all in an outpatient setting. Outpatient settings do not require you to stay at our facility overnight, outpatient settings allow you the flexibility to continue going to work, or school while focusing on your recovery in the RealWorld.

What is an assessment?

Another way to describe an assessment is a level of care evaluation. The goal of an assessment is to determine the appropriate level of care a client may need to best chart a path to recovery, for them.

Can I schedule an evening or weekend assessment?

Absolutely. We do our best to provide you with several dates and times to schedule your first appointment, also known as your assessment. We know life gets busy, so just give us a call and we can work together to find the most convenient time to have you come in.

How much does your program cost?

We are in-network with almost all insurance plans in your state. The cost for the individual is typically limited to the co-pay and any annual deductible you may have not met yet. At Strive, we will verify your coverage and review it with you before you enroll in our services.

What kind of insurance do you accept?

Strive Health is In-Network with most major payors. We do our best to make our high quality care accessible and affordable for anyone who is looking for treatment. We invite you to call your local Strive center to learn more about which insurance plans we work with.

What if I have no insurance?

You can pay out of pocket, and we offer flexible payment options as well.

Do you provide outpatient detoxification services?

Yes, depending on facility location.

Is your program confidential?

Yes! We follow federal guidelines and we are bound by a code of ethics and laws to maintain confidentiality. We cannot speak with anyone, including family members, without your signed consent.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring the following items to your first appointment:
Photo ID
Insurance Card
An open mind


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