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sleep deprivation can be a trigger

Why Sleep Deprivation Can Be a Trigger for Substance Use in Firefighters

The health of firefighters should not be on the line to help those they serve. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens because they deal with everything from sleep deprivation to extremely difficult circumstances on the job. Sleep deprivation is medically linked to higher rates of heart attack, cancer, and mental health issues. Prevention is key but, when firefighters work the… Read More
substance use and nutrition

The Impact of Substance use on Nutrition and How to Heal

Nutrition and recovery are not always talked about in the same sentence. Sometimes it is hard to look at the ways a person puts food into their bodies that ultimately takes away from their recovery. Sobriety is more than just not drinking or not using substances, it is about stabilizing mood, fighting off weight gain (or loss), dealing with issues… Read More