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How Siblings Can Support Their Loved One Through Rehab

Siblings with addiction can create a struggle between how best to support them and how to avoid enabling their addictive behaviors. Going through this struggle is unbearable for some siblings as they watch the person they have known for their entire lives change before their eyes. The problem is there but no solution. There is no cure so powerlessness sets… Read More

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Helps Chronic Relapsers Find Success

  When people go to rehab, they often experience a similar process. First is an assessment of their personal history, medicines, substance use history, and medical workup. After that, they begin to find their way through detox to recovery where they can begin the journey of putting their life back together. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help people therapeutically look… Read More

Why Chronic Pain Management Can Turn to Addiction

Chronic pain is common for many people. Millions of Americans deal with discomfort, only to end up struggling with painkiller dependence and addiction when they seek treatment. Conditions which lead to chronic pain can be anything from traumatic injuries in veterans to injuries sustained by first responders or even mental health conditions. Although chronic pain sufferers experience a lot of… Read More

What is Motivational Enhancement Therapy? 

Finding help for addiction takes time. When someone finds a treatment program, there are different ways to offer support. People who use substances and become addicted need different therapeutic support to heal. Everything they do revolves around addiction so they need space to deal with the challenges appropriately. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is one way they use to navigate healing… Read More

Why Peer Support Matters in Recovery

Social interaction and peer support is a key component of a healthy recovery. Even people who have lost loved ones through estrangement are distanced or not able to connect well with others who need love and support of fellowship. When a person is isolated in recovery, they may quit rehab early, relapse, or not feel like recovery matters and give… Read More

How Does Outpatient Care Support Someone with a Dual Diagnosis?

Finding the right treatment program for a loved one with addiction is a challenge. There are many things they might need: treatment for mental health issues, support for detox, medical and health issues, and a host of other factors. Treatment is not one-size-fits-all. In fact, people often need many different methods and modes of treatment on their journey to healing… Read More

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Family Counseling Helps a Loved One in Treatment

Family therapy helps people deal with issues they cannot otherwise deal with on their own. Within certain confines, they begin to see their role in the family and how it impacts everyone else. There are some reasons why family counseling can help a loved one in treatment for addiction. If they are willing to own up to their part… Read More