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What Are Early Mental Health Services for First Responders?

First responders show up on the scene of difficult, traumatic, and sometimes deadly situations. Men, women, and children may have died as a result of an accident or purposeful act done by someone else. Sometimes it is a frontline worker who encounters a scene they did not anticipate or expect and experience the effects of secondary trauma as a result.… Read More

What Is the Impact of Isolation on Addiction Recovery?

Loneliness and isolation seem to go hand-in-hand with recovery at certain times. It might be in the beginning or later but recovery is a challenging time no matter what is happening. Sometimes, people are not part of an individual’s life because they are still using substances. Other times, it might just be the relationship that needs repairing so there is… Read More
stress reduction

Ways First Responders Can Reduce Stress in a Positive Way

First responders have to put emotion last, critical thinking first. Front line personnel don't get the luxury of "feeling" everything happening. Instead, they have to separate the mind and body to deal with critical issues in front of them. As the adrenaline wears off, they might begin to realize how stressed they have been and even be flooded with memories… Read More
strength in recovery

What Does It Mean to Find Strength in Recovery as a First Responder?

First responders often deal with so much on their plates, they can struggle to feel secure. In every aspect of life, first responders must find the strength to move forward in the face of adversity. If they are in recovery from addiction, this is hard but necessary. Find out more about how to shore up strength for the journey.  Weakness… Read More

How Can Detectives Protect Themselves From Secondary Trauma?

Police officers who work their way to detective status often work some of the more troublesome crimes out there. Their job regularly takes them away from their families and into the line of fire with other people. They end up suffering from secondary trauma as they are witness to car accidents and injuries. A trauma is an experienced or witnessed… Read More
stuck in recovery

How to Help Yourself Get Unstuck in Recovery

If you feel stuck in recovery, it might be because you are. Getting stuck is not as hard as getting unstuck. It takes discipline and perseverance to push past the barriers and find the path again. By doing what is required, you can be on the road to recovery and finding peace again. Substance use is difficult for everyone, and… Read More
seeing a psychologist

What Happens When an Officer Is Ordered to Visit a Psychologist?

First responders often deal with some of the most traumatic events life has to offer. They are witness to the aftermath of violence, car accidents, fire, and many other things. Their goal is to keep everyone alive and support their team in securing the scene. All the while, they have to work hard to protect themselves, too. Unfortunately, police officers… Read More