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Family Therapy Can Help Beat the Odds Against Intergenerational Trauma and Addiction

While people with addiction have to work on their own journey, the roots of addiction run deep, far, and much wider than people realize. There are many working parts of addiction. Many people with addiction experience intergenerational trauma which influences their substance use and recovery. When people don’t know the origins of their substance use, it can perpetuate it until… Read More

How Does Trauma-Informed Care Help Heal Old Wounds of Shame?

Childhood can be a mixture of fond memories and difficult times with family. For some, there is exposure to a lot of painful memories of trauma. Trauma-informed care can help reshape old wounds of shame and patterns of behavior that keep people stuck in unhealthy patterns, including addiction. Learn what it means to receive care that is trauma-informed and why… Read More

What is the Role of Vicarious Trauma on Children’s Health in Families of Veterans?

Dealing with mental health issues is a primary concern for veterans and families of veterans. The reality is they deal with a lot of challenging scenarios while deployed and come home to learn how to manage real-life again. This time, they are also coping with mental health disorders, combat trauma, and more. Vicarious trauma impacts the children of veterans and… Read More

How Partners of Veterans with PTSD Can Offer Support in Rehab

Spouses and partners of veterans often don’t know who they will greet when they come home from service. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can take over their loved one’s personalities and abilities. It may feel like the person they married disappeared and is replaced with this entirely new person. Marriages can struggle, relationships may be on the brink of failure, and… Read More

Is Stress Related to Addiction?

The world is full of stressors. They creep into our world a little at a time, slowly leaking into our mental, physical, and spiritual space. Stress is one precursor to addiction. Childhood trauma is a stressor, parents with addiction can be stressors, and life itself on a daily basis carries stressors as well. The human response to stress is hormonal… Read More

Why First Responders Struggle to Seek Help and Why it Matters

Being a first responder is a big responsibility. People’s lives literally depend on those that serve them day in and day out. If they choose to seek help, it does not seem to matter because there is not a culture of seeking help built within their culture. The motivation to seek help is lower than in some professions. First responders… Read More

What is the Impact of Trauma on First Responders? 

The hardest thing to deal with as a first responder is a constant trauma experienced on a daily basis. How it impacts first responders is just now being learned as more programs are being trauma-informed for first responders. First responders lose people on a daily basis, watch people overdose on drugs, see them become violent during a mental health crisis,… Read More