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Tips for First Responders to Handle Stress and PTSD Symptoms on the Job

Tips for First Responders to Handle Stress and PTSD Symptoms on the Job

First responders have a tough job. They deal with stress and trauma on a daily basis as part of their work. They may already have dealt with stress in their life before becoming a first responder but sometimes PTSD happens after experiencing and witnessing as much trauma as they do. The culture of working as a first responder can be… Read More
sleep deprivation can be a trigger

Why Sleep Deprivation Can Be a Trigger for Substance Use in Firefighters

The health of firefighters should not be on the line to help those they serve. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens because they deal with everything from sleep deprivation to extremely difficult circumstances on the job. Sleep deprivation is medically linked to higher rates of heart attack, cancer, and mental health issues. Prevention is key but, when firefighters work the… Read More
Anger Management

How Does Anger Management Impact First Responders?

First responders work under intense circumstances that produce stress beyond what most people can handle. Over time, their immune systems learn to handle it but only because they have to. Public servants often deal with dramatic conditions where injury, death, accidents, and other things occur on an almost daily basis. Dealing with emotions like frustration and anger can boil to… Read More
Complicated Gief

Why Do First Responders Experience Complicated Grief?

Grief is something rarely talked about openly, and even more rarely amongst first responders. After all, they deal with life and death situations nearly every shift. It is hard to look at death in the face so much and not feel something, yet that is what is required of them day after day. Humans are never meant to face such… Read More