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Drug and Alcohol Addiction


What Is the Impact of Isolation on Addiction Recovery?

Loneliness and isolation seem to go hand-in-hand with recovery at certain times. It might be in the beginning or later but recovery is a challenging time no matter what is happening. Sometimes, people are not part of an individual’s life because they are still using substances. Other times, it might just be the relationship that needs repairing so there is… Read More
post rehab

The Post-Rehab Transition Can Be Positive With These Tips

Completion of a rehab program can be challenging to navigate. The challenges are more significant than ever, with triggers around every corner. Transitioning to normal life after rehab is one of the biggest life changes a person can undergo. While in rehab, daily life is regimented and tightly controlled. After rehab, you're thrown to the lions and left to deal… Read More
memorial day

How Can Loved Ones Help a Veteran This Memorial Day?

Commemorative holidays are hard for some individuals who might have a different experience than others. The Fourth of July means something different for those on the frontlines fighting for people’s freedom. Memorial Day also looks different for loved ones of veterans. The American tradition of memorializing soldiers who passed away in combat began after the Civil War. Over time, it… Read More

Why Veterans Struggle with Substance Use After Transition from Active Duty

Veterans deal with stress daily while in active duty but may also struggle upon return home. Mental illness, physical health complications, and injuries can complicate their lives even further. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers treatment plans for veterans, but not everyone accesses those programs. They may struggle to deal with substance abuse as a way to cope with… Read More
pain killers and police officers

How Painkillers Impact Police Officers

Painkillers are a nemesis for so many people. They cause disjointed relationships, broken friendships, lost employment, along with temporary relief from physical pain. However, they also cause lots of other complications in a person's life. If that person is on the frontlines, serving and protecting the community, it can be hard to admit to having a problem. Police officers often… Read More
enabling a co-worker

How Can Colleagues Stop Enabling a First Responder’s Addiction?

There is nothing more painful than watching a friend suffer from a disease that has no cure. Although it is not an infectious disease with a patented medical treatment, there is hope for those who struggle with addiction. Substance abuse robs people of their time, energy, and personal resources as they battle against it day after day. Eventually, it bleeds… Read More
Why Building Resiliency in Recovery is Key to Long Journey to Success

Why Building Resiliency in Recovery is Key to Long Journey to Success

Addiction has the power to take over a person’s life for a very long time. It does not have to ruin it if a person wants to take an opportunity to attend treatment. They may have to go a few times for it to ‘stick.’ Maybe they did not attend one that made sense to them and they did not… Read More