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 What is Self-Empowerment in Recovery?

An approach to addiction recovery that is empowering does not accomplish that goal without some hard work. Recovery takes a lot of little steps to add up to big victories. People who do not work towards empowerment may end up getting stuck or stagnant in their recovery growth. It is helpful to have goals and write them down. Growth is… Read More

 Why Restructuring Time Can Support Better Self-Care Practices

The way a person thinks about themselves and their world makes a huge difference in recovery. Changing thinking is as easy as changing perspective, but this is also very hard to do. People in recovery may be dealing with dual diagnosis challenges along with physical difficulties. Maintaining a positive outlook takes some time. This means restructuring a person’s thinking and… Read More

 Why Do First Responders Wrestle with Shame Around Addiction?

Firefighters and first responders experience stress and trauma each day. The chances of developing an addiction or mental health issues increase the longer they work. Although it may not seem to bother them at first, over time, the trauma they witness can pile up until they are struggling to cope with what they see. With training, it helps them deal… Read More

 How to Develop Good Refusal Skills for Real-World Recovery 

Drug and alcohol recovery is challenging for many reasons. The first, but not necessarily most important, are the changes necessary to stay sober and clean. After being addicted so long, the brain and body develop habits and patterns which are now disrupted. The body and mind need room to breathe and rest. Temptations, triggers, and other things can get in… Read More

 How Does Sexual Assault Impact a Person’s Mental Health?

Veterans who return home often struggle with the transition. Some will struggle with reconnecting to family and friends they left behind to serve. Others will struggle with mental and physical health issues. Yet more veterans may turn to substances to cope. While there are many ways veterans can struggle upon return, a percentage of those veterans experience sexual assault while… Read More

 How Do Drugs Impact the Heart and Cardiovascular System? 

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a challenging experience for the person using drugs or alcohol and the family. There are many health conditions associated with drug use. The heart and cardiovascular system have to work harder to stay healthy and keep up with the things that are put into the body. Alcohol has a lot of sugar, so processing this… Read More

 Veterans Can Try These 7 Great Hobbies to Release Stress

Finding pleasure in daily life is important for people to feel validated. Hobbies are not just a space-filler for the times when there is nothing else to do. They can greatly enrich a person’s life and bring some joy and peace amidst the challenges. Stress is one factor that can play a role in relapse. It is better to mitigate… Read More