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What Are Some Tips to Promote Positive Mental Health in Veterans?

Veterans are the backbone of America to some people. To others, they are simply people who put their lives on the line in service to our country but do not spend much time thinking about how that service affects their lives today. The country does not always think about mental health concerns of veterans day-to-day unless they know someone affected.… Read More
Why First Responders Use Substances to Cope with Job Stress and Secondary Trauma

Why First Responders Use Substances to Cope with Job Stress and Secondary Trauma

Trauma occurs in people’s lives early on from neglect, abuse, or events that occur in their lives. From early childhood on through adulthood, there is the possibility of experiencing trauma, as well. First responders use substances to cope with the trauma they experienced early on, but also may use them as a way to deal with situations they encounter at… Read More
Here Are 4 Signs a Spouse Can Watch for PTSD in Paramedics

Here Are 4 Signs a Spouse Can Watch for PTSD in Paramedics

When a loved one is struggling with symptoms of mental health disorders and addiction, it can be challenging. Problems may be ignored or denied, but they will not go away. If anything, they will continue to get worse over time until it is undeniable a loved one needs help. Every time a person is at home, they are going to… Read More
acute stress disorder

What Does Acute Stress Disorder Have to Do with Substance Abuse?

Trauma and stress are part of the journey of being alive. Big and small trauma can intercept a person’s life at any time, without notice. Unfortunately, many people experience trauma severe enough to cause PTSD, depression, and other types of conditions associated with traumatic experiences. Symptoms can drive people to self-medicate and use substances to overcome the symptoms. Just getting… Read More
evidence based treatment for firefighters

Firefighters and First Responders Need Evidence-Based Treatment: Here’s Why

Every firefighter and first responder needs support on the job. They work long hours, are away from family, and spend time supporting people in crisis for the majority of their work-day. There are joyful moments, of course, but they spend a lot of time and energy helping people who are struggling or in need of emergency care. The strain of… Read More

Your Wellness and Recovery Guide While In Quarantine

Isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic can be challenging, especially for people in recovery. Although I am not in recovery I have been working in the addiction and recovery field for four years now, and because of that, I know for certain that recovery is not possible alone. Have you ever wondered why group therapy across the entire continuum of addiction… Read More