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Watch: ‘Strive, This is Different’

Today, as the new year kicks off, Strive begins airing a series of short video clips highlighting the unique care offered at Strive Health. There is much that distinguishes Strive: personalized and collaborative treatment, service to underserved populations such as women and Veterans, outpatient Recovery in the Real World, strong ties and followup with our clients in their communities, and… Read More
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New Traditions: A Holiday Message from Strive

All of us deserve the richness of life, personal restoration, and connection that a holiday season can bring. Strive wishes the fullness of spiritual and physical health to all our clients, our endlessly dedicated staff, our financial supporters, our clinical and business partners, to military service people and Veterans here and abroad. All that said and meant: the holidays too… Read More

Bad Paper, Good Treatment

By Jennifer Stivers Bad Paper can be unfair. It can have serious negative consequences for vets. It affects hundreds of thousands. But it doesn’t count at VFR, where Bad Paper will never get in the way of top notch mental health care. “Bad Paper” is a term used to indicate a discharge from the military that was officially classed as… Read More

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Last Thursday I sat in my car for hours, as a flash snowstorm somehow unravelled all of Northern New Jersey’s transportation network. As I struggled to keep my car from sliding out of control, as many people reading this did, I had a chilling thought about the moment I was in: “No one can help me.” There have been very… Read More

Thankful that lives are changing for the better

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what we have and the people we have in our lives. What we have and treasure at Strive are lives that are changing for the better. We are thankful for our amazing staff. They change lives every day and are helping bridge the gaps in our communities. We are thankful for our awesome clients,… Read More

Thera-me: The Service Equation

I have a lot to be grateful for... but am I doing enough in return? For our clients, for my family, for the people around me. Surely some have done much more than I. At a Veterans Cemetery recently with John, who is himself a Vet, we noticed this, over an entrance gate: “All gave Some, Some gave All.” Everyone’s… Read More