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Try These Self-Care Tips If You’re a First Responder

Working as a first responder is emotionally and physically draining work. Sources of stress for first responders vary, but they all encounter specific situations with different people throughout their work. Stress management is critical, and this practice includes self-care. First responders can benefit from taking better care of themselves and protecting their mental and physical health.  Be Prepared Think ahead… Read More
Psychological Invalidation

What is Psychological Invalidation and What Are Healthy Responses to It?

The psychology of how people respond to one another is quite interesting. When it comes to families, some people can be affirming while others struggle to validate their children or other loved ones. Those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may struggle with feeling validated by those to whom they explain their condition. Difficult symptoms including nightmares and insomnia… Read More
Why Building Resiliency in Recovery is Key to Long Journey to Success

Why Building Resiliency in Recovery is Key to Long Journey to Success

Addiction has the power to take over a person’s life for a very long time. It does not have to ruin it if a person wants to take an opportunity to attend treatment. They may have to go a few times for it to ‘stick.’ Maybe they did not attend one that made sense to them and they did not… Read More
benefits of exercise

How Can Exercise Positively Impact Mental Health?

Mental illness is not easy to live with each day. Even if there is a diagnosis, it is pretty tough to deal with. Exercise is one-way people positively experience mental health support. Getting outside in nature is difficult but it is necessary. Through several battles of mental health and physical health issues, people may not know how to get back… Read More
PTSD nightmares

Why Do PTSD Nightmares Occur?

When someone experiences nightmares from PTSD, they can seem very real to them. They might feel like they are back in a situation that is not safe, the traumatic experience that caused the disruption in the first place. Symptoms can keep them awake or unable to fall asleep for long periods of time. Sleep is essential to healing the body,… Read More
Alcohol Abuse Among Women Firefighters is Lesser Known but Still Dangerous

Alcohol Abuse Among Women Firefighters is Lesser Known but Still Dangerous

Occupational stress and trauma are part of the journey for firefighters who work on the frontlines of helping people in crisis. Medical and mental health disorders are highest for people in first responder jobs, particularly women. They respond differently than men to crisis and may experience additional trauma in their pasts which makes them susceptible to present-day trauma and neglect… Read More
marijuana addiction

What Does Addiction to Marijuana Look Like?

Marijuana addiction may not look like people think it will. There are negative side effects that can take place for some people, depending on what they use, how it is used, and how often. Forming an addiction to the drug can happen more easily than people realize. Even faster than people may realize is possible. Managing addiction might mean learning… Read More