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pain killers and police officers

How Painkillers Impact Police Officers

Painkillers are a nemesis for so many people. They cause disjointed relationships, broken friendships, lost employment, along with temporary relief from physical pain. However, they also cause lots of other complications in a person's life. If that person is on the frontlines, serving and protecting the community, it can be hard to admit to having a problem. Police officers often… Read More
seeing a psychologist

What Happens When an Officer Is Ordered to Visit a Psychologist?

First responders often deal with some of the most traumatic events life has to offer. They are witness to the aftermath of violence, car accidents, fire, and many other things. Their goal is to keep everyone alive and support their team in securing the scene. All the while, they have to work hard to protect themselves, too. Unfortunately, police officers… Read More
Why First Responders Relapse and Tips to Prevent It

Why First Responders Relapse and Tips to Prevent It

Drug and alcohol abuse is not something to take lightly. Even in recovery, people struggle to stay clean and sober because of triggers and mental health issues. First responders are not immune, especially given they are on the frontlines of their communities. With all the job stress, frustration, and life challenges, it is no wonder they are more susceptible to… Read More
enabling a co-worker

How Can Colleagues Stop Enabling a First Responder’s Addiction?

There is nothing more painful than watching a friend suffer from a disease that has no cure. Although it is not an infectious disease with a patented medical treatment, there is hope for those who struggle with addiction. Substance abuse robs people of their time, energy, and personal resources as they battle against it day after day. Eventually, it bleeds… Read More
avoiding burnout

Here Are 6 Tips for Police to Avoid Burnout

Police officers are under a lot of stress and pressure. They respond to intense situations, they endure violent encounters, and most of these occurrences are unpredictable. Some officers are on special squads that require elite training, while others perform more "routine" services. Regardless, the job involves domestic abuse, homicides, and run-of-the-mill street crime. Burnout is very high with police officers.… Read More
dual diagnosis

What Happens During Detox If You Have Dual Diagnosis?

Mental health conditions can create a challenging space for people to navigate recovery. Dual diagnoses happen when a person has concurrent mental health and addiction issues. If they seek help for one and not the other, they often find themselves stressed, anxious, and frustrated. Many such individuals struggle to conquer addiction while trying to manage a mental health condition. Finding… Read More

Try These Self-Care Tips If You’re a First Responder

Working as a first responder is emotionally and physically draining work. Sources of stress for first responders vary, but they all encounter specific situations with different people throughout their work. Stress management is critical, and this practice includes self-care. First responders can benefit from taking better care of themselves and protecting their mental and physical health.  Be Prepared Think ahead… Read More