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The 12-Step Process Provides a Solid Foundation for Healing from Addiction

The 12-step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is used by many treatment centers for addiction. The reason the program works is it provides a structure and community for abstinence from substances. Healing only comes from relying on a higher power, taught by AA, which forces many people with addiction to take accountability for their actions. With a 12-step process, they… Read More

Why is Exposure to Fentanyl Risky for First Responders?

First responders are people who put their lives on the front lives to help others. Police officers, emergency personnel, and others are trained and aware of the risks they face, yet are not able to avoid all problems. Encountering methamphetamine labs, people in a mental health crisis and violent offenders are part of the job for some people. Running into… Read More

Why Chronic Pain Management Can Turn to Addiction

Chronic pain is common for many people. Millions of Americans deal with discomfort, only to end up struggling with painkiller dependence and addiction when they seek treatment. Conditions which lead to chronic pain can be anything from traumatic injuries in veterans to injuries sustained by first responders or even mental health conditions. Although chronic pain sufferers experience a lot of… Read More

What is the Role of Vicarious Trauma on Children’s Health in Families of Veterans?

Dealing with mental health issues is a primary concern for veterans and families of veterans. The reality is they deal with a lot of challenging scenarios while deployed and come home to learn how to manage real-life again. This time, they are also coping with mental health disorders, combat trauma, and more. Vicarious trauma impacts the children of veterans and… Read More

Accountability and Responsibility Are Two Vital Components of a Healthy Recovery

Sobriety is not easy for people at any point in the journey. Whether it is early on or much later, personal responsibility and accountability matter to the success of that person’s experiences. To maintain an ongoing recovery requires focusing on themselves and their choices. Every decision they make matters in recovery because it can lead them further away from recovery… Read More

What is the Impact of Substance Use Disorder on Military Families and Spouses?

Veterans may go into combat zones and come back different than when they left. They suffer from mental health issues, combat injuries, TBIs, and more. To cope with these chronic, debilitating conditions, they sometimes turn to substances. Substance use disorder (SUD) is more common for veterans than civilians because of the impact trauma and combat have on their brains and… Read More

How Can Outpatient Rehab Support Police Officers with Substance Use Disorder?

Police officers deal with challenging scenarios at work on an almost daily basis. Depending on where they work, they may deal with fatal car accidents, shootings, domestic violence calls, distress calls, and death. Sometimes they deal with all these in a single shift, or within a week’s period of time, they may experience several deaths of those they encounter on… Read More