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Thera-me: The Service Equation

I’ve a lot to be grateful for….. but am I doing enough in return? For our clients, for my family, for the people around me. Surely some have done much more than I. At a Veterans Cemetery recently with John, who is himself a Vet, we noticed this, over an entrance gate: “All gave Some, Some gave All.” Everyone’s act… Read More

Thera-me: Going beyond… self care

A particular buzz word has been filling my feed lately… Self Care. The term itself seems to have many definitions, but in general, it means giving to or caring for one’s self. At the Strive Centers we stress both sides of the term: how a self-caring and empowered person makes for a more empathic one. We talk about “applying your… Read More

Thera-me: Of Gratitude and Service

It’s Tuesday evening in North Jersey and I’m driving to our facility in Paramus, full of curiosity and more than a little anxious. It’s our first VFR Women’s Veterans Support Group and its so damned important. Yes, we’ve all—our staff at Paramus—been totally into this first part of what will soon become a much bigger program to support women vets… Read More

VFR/Strive Launches First Women Veterans Support Group

Last week, VFR/Strive launched our first Women Veterans Support Group.  Based in Paramus, NJ, it is the first in a wider series of steps by VFR/Strive to support mental health for women vets.    We are excited and honored to host this group, and to bring the special VFR/Strive brand of Veteran-designed and -led treatment for PTSD, substance abuse, and… Read More

Strive Paramus Will be Part of New Jersey’s Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day on October 6

A key part of the unique holistic treatment offered by Strive is our partnership with the communities in which we work.  As part of this community connection, Strive Paramus will be an enthusiastic participant in New Jersey's third annual Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day on October 6.   The day has seen 10,000 or more people mobilized state-wide to hold educational events, distribute pamphlets and… Read More

Strive Clinician Leads Training in ‘SMART Recovery’ in Southern California prison system: ‘We give them back their humanity.’

For people living out a jail sentence, visits from family are a lifeline. "When a visit doesn't happen I get upset and then I get angry," says one incarcerated person at the California Institution for Women (CIW), in Chino, California, "and when I get angry that's when I want to get high." Triggers like this are plentiful for incarcerated people,… Read More