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Why is Treatment of Emotional Trauma Necessary in Recovery?

The impact of emotional trauma may seem invisible, but it is obvious for those who treat addiction disorders in people who have struggled for years with the pain of past trauma. Physical abuse may leave scars, but emotional neglect and abuse can leave psychological scars and pain that are difficult to heal without getting down to the root causes. Often… Read More

What Can People Do to Find Help for Co-Occurring Brain Trauma and Addiction?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is when the brain becomes damaged following an incident or series of incidents. Military veterans are the most widely known when it comes to traumatic brain injury. Sports-related TBIs are actually more common than people think, but military veterans get more attention due to the catastrophic nature. Due to TBIs, people may turn to substances as… Read More

Why a Multidisciplinary Approach  Supports a Stronger Recovery

There are myriad ways to support a person in recovery. Working through addiction recovery, including mental health issues, is taxing no matter how long the person struggled with addiction. Treatment should be designed as an individual approach, with a holistic mindset focused on the mind, body, spiritual approach of healing. Uniquely caring for each person’s journey ensures a long journey… Read More

How Can Family Support Veterans with PTSD During the Holidays?

Helping a loved one is difficult when it comes to addiction and mental health issues. Veterans who return from combat zones or active duty with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can find everything challenging from waking every day to sleeping soundly at night, going to work, shopping, or even being around family without disruption. Their moods, behavior, and thoughts may be… Read More

Here Are 3 Principles to Know About Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

One of the most challenging parts of recovery from addiction is adjusting the way the brain and body respond to the environment and other people. Triggers are a big challenge, but many challenges come from the personal perception of the world in recovery. The lens through which people see themselves and others shifts in recovery. Motivational Enhancement Theory (MET) helps… Read More

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Last Thursday I sat in my car for hours, as a flash snowstorm somehow unravelled all of Northern New Jersey’s transportation network. As I struggled to keep my car from sliding out of control, as many people reading this did, I had a chilling thought about the moment I was in: “No one can help me.” There have been very… Read More
Strive Health staff at Englewood Health in New Jersey

Strive Health of New Jersey Cosponsors Sports Injury Seminar at Englewood Health

Injuries happen in youth sports which is why it's important for parents and students to learn how to manage pain after a serious injury. Nationally, the majority of students who are injured playing sports are treated with opioid prescription pain medication which are addictive. To help educate the community on sports injuries and pain management, Strive Health of New Jersey,… Read More