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Try These Tips if You Are Ready to Come Clean About Addiction to the Family 

When it is time to talk to the family bout addiction, it can be nervewracking. Maybe there have been several attempts that failed or they did not seem interested to hear what needed to be said. When the decision is made to get clean, involving family and friends is key. When making amends, they will be the first people to… Read More

What Are the Tenets of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

Looking into the proper care channels for a loved one with addiction is challenging. Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is only one option but it provides an intensive level of care that inpatient programs do not provide with flexibility. People who want to work a little and remain close to home often enjoy this as part of their outpatient treatment program.… Read More

When You Accept Reality, You Are More Able to Make Changes: Here’s Why 

When life’s reality check comes calling, it is hard to get your head around it. Recovery is like one big reality check of waking up to what was going on while addiction was at the helm. Many people hold different versions of reality but accepting the true version of reality, by connecting all the moving parts, is how a person… Read More

How People with Anxiety Can Find Peace in the New Year with These 3 Tips

The holidays can bring up lots of old stuff for people in recovery. Not only does it mean being in close quarters with family, friends, and loved ones multiple times before the year is over, but it also means trying to pretend things are okay for the sake of ‘holding it together.’ For some people in recovery, that is too… Read More

How Does Outpatient Rehab Help People with Addiction?

People who struggle with addiction have to seek out several avenues to get help. They may need mental, physical, and spiritual resources to support them in healing. People in need of rehab often don’t get the help they need when it means moving away for a long period of time or gathering resources needed like money to pay for treatment.… Read More

Why the New Year is an Ideal Time to Put Recovery on Top of Your List 

At the top of the year, it seems everyone is creating lists that they want to accomplish now, two years, even five years away. They are pounding out goals and working on their fitness regimen so they can get into tip-top shape after the holidays. For people in recovery, it is usually on their list to continue working on… Read More

Learning These 4 Skills Can Help Recovery Go More Smoothly

The best skills can be learned, but they have to come from a deeper place if they are going to stick. Like with any learned behavior, people need the confidence to keep moving forward. It starts with stopping the use of addictive substances, but that is not the only thing people learn in recovery. Changing a person’s life starts with… Read More