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Strive Health to cosponsor free seminar on sports medicine and pain at New Jersey’s Englewood Health, June 11, 6 PM

Youth sports are fabulous and injuries will happen—mostly minor. It’s managing pain after more serious injuries that needs careful thought by all students and parents. Why? Nationally, the majority of students who are injured playing sports are treated with prescription pain medication, often based on opioids. And these pain meds are flat-out addictive. Please join Strive Health and a coalition… Read More
Drug use in workplace - Corporate Wellness Programs can help with drug rehab, education on stigma and prevention, and well being in the workplace

Drug use way up in the workplace… Corporate Wellness Programs can help

As more states legalize use of marijuana, it may not be surprising that use of the drug at the workplace is rising. In fact, it is spiking, increasing 16% since 2014 according to a study from drug test provider Quest Diagnostics. Alarmingly, use of cannabis is up 24% over the last five years in safety sensitive jobs, like airline pilots… Read More
Mindfulness is an important part of the journey to recovery, from stress, from substance abuse and more. Its mantra is to pay attention to the present moment. It is a powerful tool for those in recovery and rehab.

Mindfulness and Recovery

“Our lives unfold moment to moment,” wrote Jon Kabat-Zin, one of the first modern advocates of the ancient Buddhist practice of mindfulness. The concept of mindfulness is simple: it means closely paying attention to what is happening to you right now, in the moment, without judging yourself or reacting in any way. In a mindfulness practice, we move through stressful… Read More

Children’s Mental Health Disorders a ‘True Public Health Crisis’

It’s May 10, 2019 a single week in which we have witnessed two fatal school shootings, one in a classroom in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and one at STEM School Highlands Ranch, a K-12 outside Denver, Colorado, only minutes from Columbine High School. Events that were once unthinkable have become a regular part of our lives and… Read More