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How Does Outpatient Care Support Someone with a Dual Diagnosis?

Finding the right treatment program for a loved one with addiction is a challenge. There are many things they might need: treatment for mental health issues, support for detox, medical and health issues, and a host of other factors. Treatment is not one-size-fits-all. In fact, people often need many different methods and modes of treatment on their journey to healing… Read More

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Family Counseling Helps a Loved One in Treatment

Family therapy helps people deal with issues they cannot otherwise deal with on their own. Within certain confines, they begin to see their role in the family and how it impacts everyone else. There are some reasons why family counseling can help a loved one in treatment for addiction. If they are willing to own up to their part… Read More

Is Stress Related to Addiction?

The world is full of stressors. They creep into our world a little at a time, slowly leaking into our mental, physical, and spiritual space. Stress is one precursor to addiction. Childhood trauma is a stressor, parents with addiction can be stressors, and life itself on a daily basis carries stressors as well. The human response to stress is hormonal… Read More

Why First Responders Struggle to Seek Help and Why it Matters

Being a first responder is a big responsibility. People’s lives literally depend on those that serve them day in and day out. If they choose to seek help, it does not seem to matter because there is not a culture of seeking help built within their culture. The motivation to seek help is lower than in some professions. First responders… Read More

What is the Impact of Trauma on First Responders? 

The hardest thing to deal with as a first responder is a constant trauma experienced on a daily basis. How it impacts first responders is just now being learned as more programs are being trauma-informed for first responders. First responders lose people on a daily basis, watch people overdose on drugs, see them become violent during a mental health crisis,… Read More

These 3 Steps Can Help Loved Ones Plan an Intervention

When a loved one struggles with addiction, it feels like they are going through it with them. Even if they are not addicted to drugs, using alcohol, or struggling with the same issues, it feels as if they are walking with them through it all. It can be a hopeless feeling to watch a loved one struggle and not know… Read More

What is the Difference Between Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab

To seek help for substance abuse, it means letting go of lots of things. Denial is hard to overcome. Whether inpatient or outpatient rehab is the best pathway forward, every type of program has advantages and disadvantages. Recovery is personal and it means choosing the right kind of treatment for addiction recovery. Outpatient and inpatient treatment offers different options. Find… Read More