Why Strive?

Treatment Designed for the Real World

We teach you the skills you need to maintain a healthy, self-directed life in recovery and in your community.

Unique Settings That Inspire Growth

Our facilities were designed with you and your recovery in mind. You will walk through our doors and feel like you’re right at home. Our design and feel was meant to feel like a space you want to spend time at, we avoid the “clinical” feel.

Highly Trained, Elite and Compassionate Staff

Our clinicians and counselors come from a diverse background, and bring various experiences to the table. We are committed to learning and development for all of our staff, because we believe by having them trained in the most up to date evidence based modalities they will be best equipped to support you in your recovery.

Individualized and Client-Centered Care

When you walk through our doors, we see you, not just another client. If you are admitted to our program, our clinicians will work with you and your support team to chart a path to recovery that makes sense for you.

Use of Proven, Evidence Based Modalities of Treatment

There is no silver bullet when it comes to treating addiction; however, there are approaches that have been scientifically been proven to work, that’s how we approach treatment. We use evidence based treatment modalities to ensure you are getting the best and most comprehensive treatment at our Strive Centers.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Care understands and considers the pervasive nature of trauma and promotes environments of healing and recovery rather than practices and services that may inadvertently re-traumatize. Our clinicians and counselors are trained to understand the complexities trauma can have on an individual and Strive to create a healing and therapeutic environment for all of our clients.

Devoted and Inclusive Therapeutic Community

At Strive your clinicians and counselors aren’t your only resources, the rest of the Strive community is in your recovery circle. As a member of the Strive community feel free to use our space as if it were your own. Our community areas are meant for you to feel welcomed and supported, just give us a call and let us know you will be stopping by!

Commitment to You and Your Family

Family is a big part of your recovery, and because of that we have designed programming specifically for family members. The more people you have in your corner supporting you in your recovery the better.

Lifetime Partners In-Care

Our support and our care doesn’t stop when you complete our program. We are dedicated to you and your recovery, and want you to feel as if you are a part of our family. At Strive, we facilitate community events and alumni events as well. We look forward to having you participate with us as you continue on your path of success!

Convenient Affordable High-Quality Care

Strive started with a clear mission: to increase access to high-quality and affordable addiction treatment in the communities that we serve. We do this by operating a network of outpatient facilities that are in-network with most major payors in your area. Give us a call, and learn how we may be able to support you while working with your schedule.

Distinguished Clinical and Medical Leadership

Strive is led by Dr. Robert L. Pyles and Dr. John Rodolico who have 95+ years of combined experience in the addiction and mental health fields. Their extensive experience, impressive expertise, and unique perspectives inform our clinical and medical operations as we continue to challenge traditional industry thinking to better serve individuals and communities suffering from addiction and mental health issues.

Your plan, your journey

So join us on the Strive Care journey.



Recover while learning to manage the stresses of your everyday life.



Shape your own recovery experience while partnered with experts and mentors who will guide you.



Heal in a setting that nurtures and restores you.



Recover in the real world. Grow in your community.

Recover... your life.


to Recover

to Grow

to Become Your Best You

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