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treating the addiction epidemic is not a job,
it's a calling

Six years ago, a future Strive leader watched a sailor die by suicide.

“I never imagined I would ever find any calling more worthwhile or important as my time in the Navy,” Eric Golnick says. “However, of all my life experiences during and after my Naval career, the opportunity to help fellow veterans coping with mental health and substance use issues has been – by far – the most rewarding. ”  Eric Golnick is the CEO of Veteran and First Responder Healthcare (VFR), proudly served by Strive Health.

‘Every Morning I looked into their eyes and said a little prayer’

“In 2006, I was at a forward operations base in the Sunni Triangle of Iraq. Every morning as I was going about my medical duties, I watched convoys of young soldiers going out the gate, these kids leaving on patrols. I knew they would not all come back. Every day, I watched them up on the turrets, I looked into their eyes and would say a little prayer. Right then and there I made a vow to myself that I would dedicate my life to working with veterans affected by substance abuse and other mental health problems.”  Dr. John Rodolico is the Chief Clinical Officer of Strive.

‘Our clients will see our passion and dedication to helping them to recovery’

‘Our clients will see our passion and dedication to helping them to recover’ On the Strive team, we are all working collaboratively and in the trenches, and no one person is doing more or less than the other. We are building an organization of strengths, and one that is built on trust and communication.

“Our clients in treatment will experience our passion and dedication to helping them achieve recovery. This individualized treatment will be our signature. Look, there are 17,000 treatment centers in the US today and not one household name. We will be that household name.” Benjamin Knafo is Strive’s Vice President of Business Development

”I realized how difficult it was to find effective, affordable treatment’

‘I realized how difficult it was to find effective, affordable treatment’ “The more I learned about addiction and behavioral health, the more I realized that loved ones around me were suffering from addiction and behavioral health issues. The more I became involved in helping my loved ones, the more I realized how difficult it was to find effective, affordable treatment. This experience highlighted the stark reality that addiction and behavioral health issues affect more individuals and families than can be imagined and these individuals and families cannot access the kind of treatment needed. Further, this led me to my most important realization: the devastating addiction crisis in America and the significant unmet need for high-quality, affordable and effective treatment needs to be addressed immediately.”  Eric Frieman is Strive’s co-founder and co-CEO.

Strive Health is a private, veteran and family-owned and operated organization that was founded to take on the devasting addiction crisis in America. All of us have spent years and decades helping others into recover or been in recovery...or both. Strive is dedicated to building a brand new environment for addiction treatment that is based on the passion and dedication of the people who work there.


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